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 Meet in Geisenheim

  • separate building with six conference rooms
  • personal care
  • Foyer with rest areas and seating areas
  • Level access from the outside
  • wifi throughout the building
Übersicht der Tagungsräume

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Conference Room 5


Conference Room 6+7

birch & beech

Conference Room 8


Conference Room 9


Conference Room 8+9

oak & chestnut

Conference Room 10


Tagungsraum 5   Tagungsraum 6 und 7   Tagungsraum 8   Tagungsraum 9   Tagungsraum 9   Tagungsraum 10

up to 30 persons
room size:
70qm, 10x7 m

up to 25 persons
room size:
60qm, 7x8 m

up to 30 persons
room size:
70qm, 10x7 m

up to 50 persons
room size:
90qm, 10x9 m

up to 100 persons
room size:
160 qm, 10x16 m

up to 15 persons
room size:
30qm, 6x5 m


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